Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Blog 9

In class we watched the movie seven, which I had never heard about this movie until now. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are the two main characters and there jobs are being detectives. The movie takes place in New York City. These two detectives were put together on this case, they thought this case was just a regular murder but once they start searching the apartment they find a strange note. The note was simply the word gluttony which is one of the seven deadly sins. There is gluttony, sloth, pride, envy, wrath, lust, greed. Everyday there is a new murder with a new message. With each murder the message resembles why the victim was murdered. Near the end of the movie the murderer turns himself into the detective. He claims he is only doing what God has told him to do, thinking it would leave an impact on people to make them stop there bad ways.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Blog 8

Retired Greyhound I

                This poem is the perspective of a dog, and I really like that idea because it’s different.  We never get to hear what our animals are thinking and I like that fact that this dog has a “voice”.

Retired Greyhound II

                I did not really understand this poem as much as the first. But the dog was abused and in the end they still stick with each other and still have a connection.

Golden Retriever

                This poem was humorous it talked about a dog being distracted by all the everyday things around him, it reminds me of myself because I find myself being easily distracted about what’s not important .

How to Like it

                I didn’t get this poem.  A part of me thought that the dog would have gone crazy if the human wasn’t there to control him but I could be completely wrong.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blog 7

Our class has been assigned another research paper that I have yet to start on. I’m not quite sure what topic I care about that much to write seven hundred words on. Lately I’ve been so focused on Anatomy that everything else has just been pushed to the back of my mind. English has never really been a strong subject for me so I’ll be glad when the day comes where I will no longer need to take it! It’s that time of the year where I need to be signing up for my spring semester, and boy do I not care! A part of me is so over college, but the other part wants to be an over achiever. My dream one day is to become a radiologist but these classes suck.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend is finally here

I'm am so glad this week is coming to an end! This week has been filled with major stress. For the past week or so I have been spending all my free time(which isn't that much) on trying to study for my Lab test, I needed to do good on this test. With my mind fully concentrated on that, I also had to write a rough draft for English and then find time to study for my Anatomy Test that I had today. I studied so my for my lab that when I was finished studying I just wanted to give my mind a break and relax. And don't forget that on top of all that I also had to go to work! That Anatomy test sucked and I'm not looking forward to seeing my results. Sometimes I just feel like there are not enough hours in one day!!! Now it's off to work:/

Friday, October 11, 2013

Out of class project!

My out of class project was going to the Flux concert at the National!! Unfortunately Flux only played for like an hour and the other two opening acts played FOREVER!!! The place was packed with crazy and wild teenagers, ready to let loose.  At the beginning of the night, the rain was a real damper but when the music started playing all of that was not a factor.  My favorite part was the panda!!! Some random person was dressed in a panda outfit just dancing around! Once Flux got on that stage though the crowd went insane, the bass was so loud I could feel it in my chest. There were some crazy people that really got annoying but over all that concert was amazing and I would absolutely love to go again!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Glass Menagerie

This past week of class we've been watching and reading The Glass Menagerie.  This story is about a family who lost their father, not by death, the father just left them one day.  The characters are the mother (Amanda), the son (Tom) and the sister (Laura).  The brother and daughter are both grown but still live with their mother, and at points find themselves feeling trapped.  The mother is quite over bearing and desperately wants the best for her children, for Tom to be successful and for Laura to settle down with a nice man.  With the mothers over protective nature Tom plots this plan to one day pick up his belongings and leave.  Laura has a slight limp and she hides behind her defect, letting it stop her from living her life.
          Amanda pleads with Tom asking him to bring a gentlemen caller for Laura.  So one day Tom brings home a co-worker Jim, to have dinner with the family.  Laura soon realizes that this Jim is the boy she's been madly in love with since high school.  Laura soon starts to warm up to Jim and become quite close, come to find out Jim has a woman back home, soon to be married.  When Amanda hears this her cheery complexion turns into a pitiful gloom.  Reminded of the thought that her daughter may never find love. 

          Amanda the mother tries to be proper but always comes off as being shellfish.  When Tom wants to go out and do his own thing she makes him feel guilty for leaving her and his sister.  What she has a hard time seeing is that she's pushing the people in her life out, never to come back! 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Just Class

The other day in class, we had class in the Communication room of the library.  We learned how to use the school website to our advantage, and found good resources that could help with writing our rough drafts.  So far I'm not really sure which story I'm going to use when writing my draft.  I find it a little hard to connect with these characters, because they're all alittle crazy.  I have a tendency to wait till the last moment to write a paper, writing is not my forte.  BUT i'm determined to start soon:) We also talked about the story Hills Like White Elephants. Just by reading the the title I started off a little puzzled.  But once again the title has absolutely nothing to do with the script.  It had to do with getting an abortion, this couple was deciding whether or not a baby was the right decision for them.  At the end it just left me hanging, who know what happenes with the unborn child!